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If you weren't able to purchase a WWDC 2012 ticket but still would like to attend the event, please enter your email address below.


Want a refund?

If you successfully purchased a WWDC 2012 ticket but do not plan to attend the event, please enter the email address associated with your Apple ID for that purchase below.


What is this?

We believe there are people who purchased WWDC tickets that do not plan to actually attend. There are various reasons for doing so and we understand but it has created three problems:
  • The tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable, which has caused purchasers to experience a financial loss.
  • Many developers (like us) won't be able to attend WWDC.
  • WWDC turnout may be lower than expected.
This website is meant to help track the scale of this issue and provide a potential solution to Apple dev community. If there is evidence that the problem is widespread enough we will potentially catch Apple's attention. We hope Apple will then refund people who have entered their Apple IDs here and ultimately utilize the returned tickets to satisfy those developers genuinely interested in WWDC. For more information email: contact@wwdcwaitlist.org.
Terms and Conditions:
  • We are not affiliated with Apple.
  • There is absolutely NO guarantee for refund or availability of tickets.
  • Any possible refund and redistribution of tickets will be through Apple's authorization.
  • We will not take any profit from this operation.
  • We will not use your email for any purposes other than communicating about WWDC tickets.

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